Maarten van Heeswijk (’57)


I have experienced good and bad management over the years. The difference is in the attention the manager gives to others. The good manager ensures that his/her people are motivated, encourages them to improve themselves and provides support where necessary. People, teams and organizations need others to develop. Through my own professional development as a senior coach (education at the Coaching Academy International) as well as the use, when necessary, of my experience in management in both business and top sport, I can contribute to the development of others. And yes, I too have had my successes and disappointments in various areas. This has shaped me into who I am today.
Stimulate and learn ‘Self steering‘ and ‘Responsibility

All this was the reason for me to start MaarHees Coaching & consultancy in 2007.
Since 2010, I have also been associated as a professor and personal coach at the ‘Master in Coaching’, one of the top courses of the Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam/Barcelona where sport, business, government and private life come together.

Terms and Conditions
I conform to the conditions of the Dutch professional organization for coaching (NOBCO).
Licenses and Identification
– Insights Discovery Practioner (Personal, Sales and Team Development)
– Senior Coach (EMCC / EQA Senior Practitioner)
Dirk Heuff: Business development
Bastiaan Ruitenga: Perseverance
Johan Cruyff Institute Interview James Rowe